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Network Planning & Design

Great by design.

Great networks start with a well thought-out strategy and plan.  We understand the nuances of network infrastructure and  can help you plan and design the  perfect  architecture and combination of technology to accomplish your precise objectives. By taking the time to understand your business and unique challenges, our team of trusted network experts can help you create the ideal solution, on budget and schedule.  Our network planning and design services include:

We'll help you formulate a strategy for the enhancement of your network and a plan to translate that strategy into an optimal solution. 

Network Assessment - We'll assess your existing infrastructure and provide you with a roadmap for creating a network that meets your current and future business and technology requirements.

IPv6 Readiness Check - We'll evaluate your existing IPv4 network for IPv6 readiness complete with a best practice transition plan and address design to help you prepare for a successful migration.

High-Availability Assessment - We'll analyze your current network design to identify single points of failure, congestion points and quality-of-service impacts so you can address them before they impact performance.

Architecture & Design
We'll work with you from the ground up to architect and design the ideal network infrastructure for your business needs, including a comprehensive deployment plan to put it into production.

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"The manufacturer's rep told us we should get quotes on their equipment from several vendors for the best pricing. We thanked them and told them enfoPoint is our partner. You can't put a price on the way they take care of you."

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